All About Virginia Moonshine

01 May

The discovery of Virginia moonshine is said to have happened in 1620 by Rev.Geroge Thorpe. This was an English colonist who actually made this drink together with his friends.  Virginia moonshine is made of un aged corn and is a good whiskey at has been around since then. It is definitely a beloved whiskey in this region. Find below some details on Virginia moonshine.

In the 1920, this whiskey started facing bans and a lot of the distillers were forced to either leave it alone all together or to do their business underground. The whiskey was not done away with even then and continued to thrive despite the impossible circumstances and the distillers had to play cat and mice games with the law enforcement. It did finally become legal after a lot of sweat and tears in the 1980s and the whiskey has now become a beloved drink in Virginia and beyond those borders. Virginia moonshine has experienced a growth spurt since its rebirth that has helped it reach beyond the borders and the prices have definitely gone higher with time.

Is Virginia Moonshine safe? This whiskey is a fresh corn whiskey that is absolutely safe. It is a double distilled original whiskey that is processed and, fermented and distilled under the best conditions. Safety regulations are upheld and the processing is now fully authorized by the authorizing bodies in Virginia.

Because of the show known as moonshiners which was done by a business partner of Miller, Virginia Moonshine gained popularity and was kind of reborn. The show was about these guys in Virginia who went around making stills of Moonshine. This guy, Smith and his friends have also been made a celebrities because of this show and they call themselves 'shiners'. Know more about alcohol at

Smith learnt how to make the whiskey from his own farther and joined the bandwagon without looking to make this legal. Smith soon partnered with Miller and legalized his business as he sells his version of the whiskey he calls Climax Moonshine after his hometown. Because of the show, Smith was now a celebrity and could become a movie actor but he said that this was not what he wanted. The whole idea of the show was to make the drink known to people and remove the bitter taste that they have about it, to show them that it is safe to drink. Get more info.

The show helped to show that Moonshine can now be trusted because it is not what it was before, dangerous and illegal. Moonshine is now popular and has gained fans because people have trusted it. People are now more very curious to try out this whiskey because of the story they have been told about it and because of the fact that it was once prohibited and dangerous.

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